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About Sarah and Tony Zolecki
The Zolecki’s are have created a impactful, joyful and enriched life, against all odds.

And they’re showing thousands of others how to do it too.

While Sarah worked as a nanny, she raised someone else’s children and lived their life, while missing out on her own. She experienced crippling loneliness and fear that she wasn’t good enough to help others or go for what she really wanted.

When Tony nearly died from a third-story fall, he re-evaluated his taco truck job and carefree lifestyle and decided to serve others and make a difference. Over the next several years he fought to overcome substance abuse, low confidence, self-sabotage and constant doubt.

Today, the Zoleckis are acclaimed business speakers, trainers, and recognized network marketing leaders. They enjoy a freedom lifestyle with their young family, and operate a business with over $100 million in annual revenue.
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